Proofreading comprises looking for mistakes, primarily typographical errors, missing words, extraneous words, and to some degree, wrong words (e.g. homonyms), and punctuation. This is the final clean-up so your readers don’t get tripped up by something that interrupts the flow of the story.

This is technically not editing, but assumes that what is written has already been assessed. The writing style, grammar, and vocabulary could be quite inferior, but it’s not the proofreader’s job to catch or comment.

If you have a book, novel, or even an article or short story that you feel is refined enough to go to press, perhaps something that you have edited yourself multiple times, then perhaps proofreading is all you need. This service is provided at a much lower rate than editing, but you must understand such corrections are all you will receive.

For more information send us an email at with “Proofreading” in the subject line. We will ask for a sample from which we will provide an estimate.


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