Whether you intend to publish your work electronically, in print, or both, we can help get it ready to go to press. There’s more to formatting than meets the eye, no pun intended.

First of all, it must meet technical specifications for the ebook or print copy distributor. Second, it needs to contribute to a pleasurable reading experience so the reader can get lost in the content; in this respect, it should be virtually invisible. Thirdly, it should contribute to the work itself with complementary fonts for both chapter headings and text as well as clever, artistic, or simple section breaks.

A table of contents is recommended (and sometimes required) for ebooks and often a must for nonfiction. This which needs to be done in the proper manner; generating one with a word processor will not work properly for ebooks.

For print books, pagination can be another challenge, along with headers that reflect the author’s name, title, chapter title, etc.

Rates vary, depending on the length of the book, current format, desired format(s), publishing destination, and author preferences.

Contact us for an estimate via email to info@kallioperisingpress.com.