In this action-oriented world, nothing helps promote your work better than a custom video that captures the essence of your book or story, not only visually, but with a voice over and/or sound track that will prompt readers to buy your book.

We’ll work with you to develop a suitable script, choose the soundtrack, and do the production, posting an MP4 file to YouTube for you to link wherever you like. Don’t miss out on this new trend to bring attention to your book! Email us at with “Video Trailer” in the subject line so we can get started! Time’s a-wastin’!

Here are a few examples of full-length book trailers.

Did you know that your Facebook Cover can be a short video like this one?

Videos don’t have to be elaborate. Here’s one that nonetheless gets the message across and can be done for as little as $25.

Do you have some other message you’d like to deliver in a video? Check out these video poems.