In most cases, editing work will be done by Chief Muse’s Assistant, Marcha Fox. As you have probably already seen on this site, she is an author herself, so has “Been there, done that, and got the T-shirt” of that role, many times over.

However, her experience is not just that of someone with a minor in English or an author, a title many claim without a smidgen of training or real-world writing experience. Ms. Fox has written for a newspaper, published magazine articles, written all the copy found on her websites ( and, as well as this one), worked as a NASA technical writer (where she recorded the proceedings of technical meetings and worked on multi-million dollar proposals). She has not only been a technical writer, but trained and managed them as well. She has edited numerous books by other authors, written hundreds of blogs, and posted as many book reviews, bringing her far more requests for editorial reviews than she has time to consider.

You can follow her trek to becoming what she refers to as “the reviewer from hell” on her blog here:

Confessions of a Self-Admitted Reviewer from Hell

Confessions of a Review from Hell – Part 2

Confessions of a Reviewer from Hell – Part 3

Bear in mind that “reviewers from hell” do the job when incompetent editors don’t.

Ms. Fox has caught more goofs in supposedly “edited” books than she cares to recount, usually to the surprise and consternation of authors who have paid for something they failed to receive.

Thus, if you’re looking to have your work edited properly, you’ve come to the right place. Rest assured that when the workload becomes such that additional editors are added, they will meet these same, high standards and you will find their qualifications here.