Writing is a skill that develops with training and experience. You don’t “read a book once” and know how to pen a first-rate novel! Like math, it’s something you learn by doing. You write, scrutinize, edit, study, and write some more.

No matter how much you’ve written, there’s always more to learn. As an art as opposed to a science, perfection is elusive and subjective. One of the most important things an author can do is learn from other writers. Even poorly written material provides instruction, though it’s likely to be in the “No work is ever wasted; it can always serve as a bad example” category.

Writers are busy people who are often so occupied doing what they do that they don’t have time to read lengthy tomes explaining how to improve their craft. However, a short and sweet reminder may be just what you need to polish your existing work. Here are a few short and sweet tips we call “Snapshots” in popular categories.

Character Building




Marketing Tips

Plot Development