Some characters come to life, all on their own, as fully developed personalities. Even when they do, wouldn’t you like to know even more about his or her at an even deeper level? Crazy as this sounds, astrology can provide amazing insights into your characters.  If you already have a birth date, it’s even easier. Author’s intuition does an amazing job with such things. If you haven’t already added that detail, think about it and see what comes to mind.

If you wonder where we’re going with this, it’s to suggest an astrological natal chart reading for your character. Like astrology in general, no one can tell you how or why it works, but that doesn’t stop it from doing so.

These insights are particularly helpful if your character is part of a series because such a reading can foreshadow coming events and give you more ideas, as any research tends to do. If you’d like to get to know your character(s) at an amazingly insightful level, email us at with “Star Character” in the subject line.