This companion volume contains a glossary of terms as well as descriptions of the weather, political structure, and indigenous population of the fictitious planet, Cyraria, the setting for most of the Star Trails Tetralogy Series.

The Star Trails series contain a substantial amount of actual and feasible science.  This book compiled by the author provides additional information regarding the intricacies of Cyrarian weather, the planet’s political structure, and background on the indigenous population known as the bnolar. A glossary of terms is also included.

Of interest to parents and teachers who may want to use the series as extra-credit reading, an educator section is included that provides chapter by chapter lesson plans/discussion ideas to promote the science, sociological, and family dynamics concepts presented in the stories.

The electronic version is available on the Star Trails Tetralogy website and a free download in the format of your choice through most online retailers except Amazon, where it’s 99c.

Meet the author, Marcha Fox

Available in print and electronic formats.

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