This first volume of the Star Trails Tetralogy, a science fiction series for teens and young adults, begins with a familiar scene, a heated conflict between two siblings.

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Creena Brightstar, 14, and her brother, Dirck, 17, have never gotten along.  They  bicker constantly, particularly when it comes to following the rules. Dirck has always been compliant while Creena questions everything, something that drove him crazy on Mira III, where her considerable quantity of noncompliance reports was a major embarrassment.

But Mira III is a thing of the past.  Their father, Laren, has accepted a prestigious assignment on Cyraria, so the family is crammed into a small cabin onboard a starship headed for their new planetary home.

The conditions are stressful, driving Dirck and Creena’s arguing to intensify, much to the annoyance of their parents, who finally boot them out, insisting they take a walk and calm down, along with their little brother, Deven, the perpetual peace maker.

Desperate for some time alone, Creena goes off on her own. Her usual escapades prevail and she accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that will not only separate her farther from Dirck than she ever could have imagined, but ultimately scatter her entire family throughout the galaxy, each to face harrowing situations the likes of which they’ve never seen.

Or was it an accident? With her father’s scientific and engineering abilities in high demand, certain power-hungry individuals will stop at nothing to achieve dominion, including exploiting Creena’s predicament in devious and potentially deadly ways.

Creena and Dirck soon discover that their comfortable and predictable homeworld has left them woefully unprepared for the intrigue, danger, chaos and adventure that follow.

The story continues in volume two, A Dark of Endless Days, as well as its sequel, A Psilent Place Below. The fourth and final volume, Refractions of Frozen Time, contains the exciting conclusion.

Meet the author, Marcha Fox

Learn more about “Beyond the Hidden Sky” and the other books in the series on the Star Trails Tetralogy official website where you’ll find links to chapter excerpts on Bublish, book trailer videos, and more.

Recent Reviews

“The story begins at warp speed as space travel and its theory weaves throughout the tale of a family separated by mishap and kept apart by intent.” – Editorial Review

“The author’s colorful and animated word sketches give the reader the feel of actually watching or being right in the mix of the story. She brings personality and quirks to the characters as they develop through expressive descriptions and dialogue.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I am an author as well as having taught junior high science for a number of years and think this read would be a fabulous addition to classroom libraries as well as ‘the hungry for sci-fi lovers” personal bookshelf.’” – Amazon Reviewer

“Although geared for the YA market, it is suited for sci-fi audiences for all ages who will thoroughly enjoy the talented professional writing of Marcha Fox’s wonderful expeditions.” – Amazon Reviewer

“All her characters, even creatures on the planets, are outstanding examples of a writer totally in touch with the depths of the subconscious mind, all interacting with their roles of good and evil with hidden spiritual messages as one experiences their own individual growth of consciousness.” – Amazon Reviewer

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