The situation for the Brightstar family worsens with Creena stranded on a backward planet while Opposition, the peak of Cyraria’s heat season, threatens the very survival of the others….

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The situation on Cyraria has developed serious complications. Dirck and his father have no choice but to attempt to build a heat-exchanger to maintain their primitive ballome at livable temperatures during Opposition, the planet’s extreme heat season.

Trouble in the form of Augustus Troy follows them, however, ultimately leaving Dirck on his own to fend for his family, more separated now than before. His new friend, Win, proves to be a valuable ally, though Dirck and Creena’s little brother, Deven, is the real hero, thanks to his strange alliance with an indigenous race known as the bnolar.

Things go from bad to worse for Creena as well when she, ‘troid, Aggie, and vegemal, Thyron, land on a planet where the authorities impound their ship and refuse to let her depart. Her options are not only limited, but further complicated by the fact that someone is trying to abduct her, whose evil purposes she can sense, yet doesn’t understand. Nonetheless, when it finally comes time to leave, she discovers she’s grown more attached to this backward world than she ever thought possible.

New characters in this volume include Win Sendori, clerk at the supply depot, the bnolar, Enoch, as well as numerous characters Creena encounters while marooned on a backward planet.

Meet the author, Marcha Fox

A Dark of Endless Days begins where Beyond the Hidden Sky ends and continues in Volume III, A Psilent Place Below.

Learn more about A Dark of Endless Days on the official Star Trails Tetralogy website, including videos, links to chapter excerpts on Bublish, character interviews, how to obtain an autographed copy from the author and more.

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“This is a story for our times, about what endures when technology fails, the climate turns toxic, and we are out of luck.” – Amazon Reviewer

“In the vein of old science fiction literature this story could end up as another classic. Its original, with all the components, technology, other world and races, and a contact with Earth.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Written in a technically proficient yet engaging style this book is sure to captivate science fiction lovers of all ages!” – Amazon Reviewer

“Fox once again does an exceptional job building character and making her created universe a reality. I can’t turn a page without picturing the story in my mind and visualizing each character.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This series is addictive. One is not enough.” – Amazon Reviewer

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