The Family History Fun Factor is a guide to discovering, identifying and collecting family folklore.


Are you a family history buff? Into genealogy? Did you realize that your family makes history almost every day? Did you know that family folklore is an important part of your life? This handy guide will show you what a rich and entertaining world surround you every day and how you can preserve it for your children and grandchildren.

Family histories are often boring compilations of pedigree charts and dry narratives. Family folklore opens the door to everyday experiences and emotions that bring those involved alive. It’s also an excellent way to get children involved in the process and started early on compiling their own personal history.

With modern technology, putting together such material is no more difficult than using your cell phone, which can be your best friend in this endeavor.

This handy guide includes a description of which genres are included, examples, a checklist and resource list.

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The Family History Fun Factor is available in print and ebook formats.

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