If you want to learn more about astrology but currently know nothing more than your own Sun Sign, then this is the book for you!

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This easy to comprehend guide provides all the information you need to understand astrology’s basic principles and terminology in addition to some of its many applications.

This guide explains how this ancient cosmic art allows you not only to understand yourself and those around you at a deeper level, but can also aid in career selection, parenting, getting along with others (both at home or in the workplace), and even selecting the best time for any endeavor. If you already consult with an astrologer, the information within will help you speak astrologese and thus get even more out of your professional readings.

Meet the author, Marcha “Whobeda” Fox


“Written in a light and, at times, downright funny voice, this is a book I’m keeping on my shelf.”

“A thorough read for those interested in their astrological sign, not to mention those who want to properly blame the planets within our galaxy when life takes an ugly turn.”

“Like sitting in the kitchen with a dear friend.

“Fun witty & informative!”

“Packed to the brim!”

“Five stars only because I can’t give it a hundred!”

“Delicious astro insights!”

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