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Right, wrong or indifferent, millions seek answers through astrology. The advent of computers and the Internet has made astrological interpretations and predictions not only available but comfortably private for a reasonable price. While a personalized natal reading from a professional astrologer may cost between $150 – $300 USD, computerized reports are often available for free or as little as $10.

Are they as good as a personalized reading? No, but certainly better than nothing if it’s all you can afford. However, it’s important to recognize their limitations as well as be aware of other astrological techniques available through a professional astrologer.

Anyone hooked on computerized reports has probably not found what they were looking for at least once. This brief yet comprehensive guide describes several types of computerized reports typically available online, what information each will usually provide as well as its inherent limitations. It also includes descriptions of some unique astrological readings for which computerized versions may not be available but can be provided through a trained professional. Also included is a handy table that directs you to which report you need for what as well as a listing of resources for finding a reputable professional astrologer in your area.

Meet the author, Marcha “Whobeda” Fox


Tell the truth I was a bit frustrated about all this astrological business before the friend of mine has recommended this book to me. There are tons of astrological reports around that contains complicated information very hard to consume and navigate. The beginner like me definitely needs some guide to this astrological world. This book turned out to be exactly what I need – easy to read and profound astrological guide. I’ve learned key points about astrology, so now I know where to start and what to expect from different types of astrological reports.”

Marcha (Whobeda) has such a great passion and natural gift in astrology reading and interpretation. This guide really helps to break down the complex world of astrology into a way that is easy to understand for beginners and enthusiasts yet not lose the essence of what needs to be understood. As you read through, you can tell the amount of effort she has put in to come up with this guide. I absolutely love and enjoy reading the guide and she is also an amazing astrologer with a precious heart of gold that is so rare in today’s modern world and possess so much wisdom.”

Marcha Fox delivers a comprehensive report on astrological reports. This book includes not only a detailed section on the 20 or so computerized astrological profiles currently available, it breaks down what you can expect from each one. There’s a wonderful diagram which lists issues or situations which may be causing anxiety and the chart which would be most relevant. The book also includes an extensive astrological dictionary, a section on how to find a real life astrologer, and examples of actual charts. With a myriad of options out there and only so many dollars, this book really helps sift through all the options.”

“Marcha Fox’s comprehensive guide to understanding astrological reports takes away any guesswork on what is best for any individual, no matter how little they may know about astrology. What she has done is incredibly necessary, for so many seekers would like to have more personal information, but the astrological language is so foreign. It’s even a good reference book for anyone only wanting understanding as to what is what, and which is which in astrological terms. This is a MUST HAVE for every seeker!

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