Getting your book published is only the beginning. For the marketing phase you’ll need customized graphics to promote your book on social media, advertisements, and your website or Facebook page.

We can design these for you, featuring you, your book cover(s), or anything else you have in mind. Here are a few examples of the type of material you can use for tweets and Facebook posts.

lifechanging+ copy

10882252 - portrait of young girl looking at camera in dark room

Another option is a gif file, which can display more than one image in the same graphic. Surely you’ve seen them. Here are a few eye-catching examples in a small, postage stamp size you can fit easily into your website or blog.

You’ll also need swag items to give away to potential readers, especially if you do a book signing, attend a conference, or simply meet someone in the grocery store. These can be anything as simple as bookmarks and postcards or as elaborate as posters. We’ll be happy to create a custom design just for you and deliver it either as a file or printed product. If you plan to order the printed material yourself, we’ll need any templates or specifications they provide.

Contact us at with “Promo Materials” in the subject line for more information and rates.