Many authors, especially new ones, have no idea that there are several types of editors. Here are the most common, though the definitions can vary slightly, depending on whom you ask.

Line Editing

Line editing consists of going over your manuscript, line by line, looking for anything that’s amiss as far as spelling, word use, grammar, and punctuation.

Copy Editing

Copy editing looks at sentence structure, stylistic problems such as using too many prepositional phrases, adverbs, adjectives, awkward or run-on sentences, and so forth.

Content Editing

Content editing goes even deeper, into the story itself. Does the plot have any holes in it? Do the heroine’s eyes change color mid-story without the benefit of contact lenses? Is the sun setting in the east? Are scene transitions easy to follow?

If you aren’t aware of these various categories, you may pay an editor expecting all three, but only get line editing, which is basically glorified proofreading. If you want your book to be the best it can be, you want at least the first two, and if you’re a new author, then you probably need all three. It can cost you future readers if that debut novel is riddled with mistakes!

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