Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology

If you're new to astrology this is an excellent introduction to the energies of the planets, signs, houses, aspects, transits, and other basics that lay the foundation of this ancient craft.

This book is a compilation of the majority of information found on the Valkyrie Astrology website but in more convenient form for those who tend to get dizzy playing "hyperlink bingo."  Its genesis in ebook form came about when the author discovered that various astrological instructors were using her website as a textbook.

Written in a witty and often irreverent style, it provides an easy to understand, mostly non-technical description which provides the foundation you need to understand the terminology and influences of astrological entities.  It includes sections on the characteristics of the Sun signs, planets, houses, aspects, modes, elements, compatibility, Moon Signs, career influences, parenting with astrology, and much more as noted in the Table of Contents.

Whether you're a stark beginner learning astrology for the first time or want to expand your knowledge beyond Sun Sign basics, this book provides everything you need to know to converse intelligently about the basic components of astrology.  While this book does not profess to provide enough information for you to hang out a shingle and declare yourself a professional astrologer, it does enable you to impress other novices with your knowledge as well as converse with your astrologer in such a way that you can ask the right questions to fully understand your readings. 

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240 pages, available in both ebook pdf or Kindle formats.


This is a very good source of information. Whobeda has a style that is fun, witty and informative. I have read it twice and for a beginning astrologer it is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ! Astrology is a very difficult subject to learn and comprehend. Yet, Whobeda breaks down the information in a way that is easy to retain. She explains very complicated subjects in a practical manner that is applicable to my everyday life. I use this book frequently to gain clarity and insight to different planet alignments.....it has it all! I'm glad I found this book.

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Ok, I read this book and I'm really new to astrology. I have read a few books now and this one had the magic! I loved reading it. You will love this book! If you have no clue about cusps, rising, or what a fixed or mutable sign is, then you need to read this book. and if your a man and want to know just a little about HER sign then read this book. Its amazing how much I learned about my self from astrology. And what's funny is she has this spot in the book about what to get your Virgo guy for a present and it has tools. I freaking love tools! I would have every tool in the shop if I could! get this book. It's a must have, if only to understand the Sag (whole other story). Any ways get it. Then don't forget to get a solar return also. You will need it!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  In addition to having a Bachelor of Science Degree in physics, Marcha Fox received her formal astrological training from the Professional Training Department of the International Academy of Astrology (IAA) from which she graduated in January 2012.  She is owner of the popular website, ValkyrieAstrology.com, has numerous clients throughout the world, and besides providing personalized astrological readings and a wide variety of computerized reports she also posts free daily astrocasts and comprehensive monthly horoscopes to her website which is accessed by thousands each month. 

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