Lilith: Dark Maid of the Sith

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I started reading this right before bed to relax before going to sleep. The next thing I knew I was half way into the book. Time is valuable, so I keep a close eye on it. To me, a book that keeps your interest without realizing how much time has past is a book worth reading.

--Cynthia Skains

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This work in four parts contains a brief description of the astrological entities known as Lilith; a synopsis of the Lilith myth and some of its variations; how to delineate the slightly different energies associated with each one; plus an additional bonus of three examples from the news of the darkest manifestation of Lilith behavior.

Astrologer, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, has stated: Lilith is always SINISTER and MALEVOLENT in her intent and ultimate effect so that the matters and people represented by the house she is in will not be granted full measure of the good that otherwise could develop in the native's life in that department. She is DENYING, FRUSTRATING and CATASTROPHIC, bringing CHAOS to the affairs ruled by that house.*

This introduction to the astrological Lilith archetype reflects the energies described above and thus focuses on the darker side of its manifestation.  Numerous books have been written in depth about Lilith; this one is an introduction and reference for delineation purposes as opposed to a comprehensive work.

If you are looking for a fair and balanced treatise on the astrological entity, Lilith, this is NOT it. As the title implies, this is the dark side of Lilith and serves as a warning of what her worst-case influence can be, i.e. “stainless steel estrogen with a razor’s edge.” Liliths addressed include Dark Moon Lilith (True and Mean); Jacobson Lilith (a.k.a. Black Moon Lilith) and Asteroid Lilith (Asteroid 1181); stellar Lilith, the fixed star, Algol is mentioned but not in the same depth. This short but not-so-sweet book written in the author’s characteristic style of dry wit and acerbic humor includes a brief description of the Lilith myth and archetype, the astrological implications of each by house placement, and examples of Lilith’s power in action as shown through chart delineations of three women in the news who succumbed to these influences, i.e. Lisa Nowak, Andrea Yates and Casey Anthony.

* Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, The Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology, (Alhambra, CA: Frank Severy Publishing, 1961).

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  In addition to having a Bachelor of Science Degree in physics from Utah State University Marcha Fox is a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology (IAA) from which she received her formal astrological training.  She is owner/operator of the popular website,, has numerous clients throughout the world, and besides providing personalized astrological readings and a wide variety of computerized reports she also posts free daily astrocasts and comprehensive monthly horoscopes to her website which is accessed by thousands each month. 

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