The Family History Fun Factor

How to Gather and Preserve Family Folklore


***** Fascinating Read! Interesting Subject!

 I never knew how important folklore and folklife were until I read this book. The book is well written and I can relate to the material very well. 

--Stephen Schmutz


Are you a genealogy or family history buff?  Want to make it more fun and interesting than pedigree charts and dry narratives?  Get everyone involved, not by compulsion but with enthusiasm?  Is your family's precious history slowly disappearing in Facebook's scrolling timeline?  Then this is the book for you!

If you're a typical family history researcher you'd give just about anything to spend even one day with your ancestors.  You know the limitations of dates and places which alone don't define an individual's personality even though they provide clues to the time and culture of which they were a part.  Photographs tell you a lot, but still don't reveal the everyday details of their life whether it was what they ate, how they prepared it, how they performed their daily tasks, what they believed, how they celebrated holidays and special occasions, the activities they pursued for recreation, etc. etc.  Unfortunately this book is not a time machine but it does tell you what you can preserve now so that your descendants will know those things about you.

The things that define an individual or family often fall under the heading of Family Folklore.  No, it's not just myths and legends, it's about how you live, day to day.  It involves everything from the games children play to more serious family traditions implicit to solemn occasions.  The Family History Fun Factor describes a multitude of categories from foodways and games to sports and vacations.  By getting the kids involved now they'll not only thank you later but get a great start in recording their own personal history.  Various memory joggers, examples and even an easy to use collection form are included as well as a list of holidays that is bound to trigger a multitude of ideas. 

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