Asteroid Archetypes: A Primer

Beyond the basics provided by planetary placement, asteroids open up additional insights and details into an astrological reading whether it involves a natal chart, return chart, progressed chart or transits. 

If you're new to astrology this is the perfect introduction to the myths and archetypal energies associated with the five most commonly used asteroids.  The asteroid goddesses Ceres, the Universal Mother; Juno, the Divine Consort; Vesta, the Eternal Flame; Pallas Athene, the Warrior Queen; and Chiron, the centaur a.k.a. the Wounded Healer, are each addressed in this relatively short but information-packed volume.  Astronomical discovery information is included as well as the mythological background for each and its implications in astrological delineation.

Understanding the myth and archetypal energy of an astrological entity provides valuable insights into its delineation.  Myths are complex and contain a variety of truths about human nature which aid professional astrologers and their clients alike in understanding the prevailing energies with which they were endowed natally as well as forces currently active through transits.

23 pages, available in both ebook pdf format and for Kindle.

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Recent Amazon 5-Star Review

I love this book. Intrigued as I am about the myths, sometimes the information is relayed in such a way as to put me in a coma. Not so with Ms. Fox's primer. Well researched and detailed, the book is insightful as well as humorous and engaging. The mythic characters are vividly brought to life then explained how they relate to the astrological themes in a person's chart. Anyone who wants to learn more about the goddesses and/or applying them astrologically will appreciate the hard work the author has put into this book. --Donna McGarry
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