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The Star Trails Tetralogy contains a variety of science lessons as noted in the Parents and Educator's Section.  All of the lesson plan and discussion ideas you can find there are now included in The Star Trails Compendium.  An ebook version can be downloaded for FREE from most online retailers as noted below and is now also available in a print version.

The author of Star Trails was inspired to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in physics and eventually pursue a career at NASA's Johnson Space Center by the science fiction stories she enjoyed as a child.  There was only one thing lacking: the science she was hungry to learn more about.  She has always felt that learning should be fun so besides writing an entertaining series she also wanted to include numerous scientific tidbits tightly tied into the plot.  This she has accomplished and has made it easy for parents and educators to use her stories to stimulate interest in scientific subjects by developing the lesson plan and discussion ideas found here

Knowing that online access is not always the most convenient, even when available in pdf format, this information plus that pertaining to Cyraria and the Terms and Definitions related to the stories were compiled into both an ebook and print version for reader convenience.  Most retailers (except Amazon who insists upon charging $0.99) allow the ebook version to be downloaded for FREE.  The print version is available for $6.95, the minimum allowable price driven by the book's printer.

However, there is one way you can get a print version for FREE!  Buy a DELUXE BOX SET for $59.95, already a savings of over $10 compared to purchasing each book separately, and you get a second copy included to give away!  Find out more here.


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