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Unfortunately, due to the high cost of shipping overseas which would rival the costs of the books themselves, print version box sets are only currently available in the USA.  If you live outside the USA and are interested anyway, feel free to contact us. 

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Star Trails Tetralogy Deluxe Box Set by Marcha A. Fox

Star Trails Tetralogy Deluxe Box Set

by Marcha A. Fox

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Now you can get the entire series in a convenient Box Set in either ebook or print format!

Now that all four volumes of the Star Trails Tetralogy are complete they have been put together into box sets, one of which is exactly what you're looking for! 

The E-BOOK BOX SET is available from most online retailers at the following links: 

Kindle Version

Nook Version

Smashwords Version

Kobo (All Formats)

Apple iTunes Format


DELUXE BOX SET:  If you want a conventional TRADE PAPERBACK BOX SET one is now available directly from us.  The DELUXE BOX SET (shown at left in its two configurations) contains all four books SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR plus two copies of The Star Trails Compendium.  Why two copies?  So one can be given away to a friend or your favorite teacher, of course!  He or she may want to use Star Trails' science content as part of their curriculum.  (The Compendium includes all the lesson plan and discussion ideas included in the Parents & Educator's section.)

The box is FDA approved food grade so it can even be used as a lunchbox!  In addition, it is convertible to the two configurations shown at the left, with the convenient handles for an easy "take along" or if you prefer a more conventional box set for the shelf, the handle flaps can be folded inside.

The DELUXE VERSION also contains a SWAG PACK which has a variety of goodies similar if not identical to those pictured directly above.  We're always looking for fun items to include along with the usual bookmarks and postcards. 

If you were to buy each of the books separately it would cost close to $70 but you can get the entire package directly from the publisher for only $59.95 plus tax as applicable as well as the usual shipping and handling. 


Please note that your receipt will be from Kalliope's sister company, Valkyrie Industries.

BASIC BOX SET:  If you're on a budget or not interested in the cool box or swag, our BASIC BOX SET includes all four novels SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR plus The Star Trails Compendium shrink-wrap packaged with a postcard insert like the one shown at the top of the page for the ebook Box Set.  This one is available for only $49.95 plus tax, shipping and handling, a savings of over $13 versus purchasing each book separately.


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