Star Trails Tetralogy Volume IV

Refractions of Frozen Time

Cover Design by Steven James Catizone

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Will the final installment of the Brightstar Saga see the family reunited or forever separated by space and time?

The conclusion to A Psilent Place Below finds Dirck and Creena in shock as they realize they missed the entire point of their shared veridical dream.  Their oversight results in a treacherous situation where their father, Laren, is ambushed by Integrated forces and charged with treason.  He's immediately sentenced to permanent exile and placed onboard a spacecraft that will deliver him to the galaxy's prison planet, Bezarna, a blackhole from which there is no escape.

Refusing to accept the situation, Creena is more determined than ever to uncover cristobalite's secrets as a means for bringing him back.  When Deven discovers yet another crystal that can bend time hope returns, but their joy quickly turns to horror as Integrator commandos discover their cavern sanctuary and they flee to the Clique base at Apoca Canyon.  Using their latest discoveries, they risk contacting Laren which succeeds.  He relinquishes command of Clique forces and directs them to accept his fate.

In spite of what he told them, however, he's discovered the exile vehicle's dirty little secret which he hopes to exploit so he can return safely to Cyraria.  Using his c-com he hacks into the ship's systems but his intrusions are discovered which infuriate his nemesis, Augustus Troy, who decides to exterminate everyone onboard.  Bryl's connections to Esheron reveal some surprising information that may help Creena and Deven, who still haven't given up as a race against time ensues, not only to save their father but their own lives as well as the Integrator closes in with the ultimate weapon.

Join the Brightstars along with Win, Aggie, Thyron, Bryl, Igni and new characters Storm, Bernie Tucana and Antara Denali for the exciting conclusion to the Star Trails Tetralogy.



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