Star Trails Tetralogy Volume III

A Psilent Place Below

Cover Design by Steven James Catizone


"The World of Psi"

"Thoughts Become Things"

"A Quieter Hero"

"The Clique"

The Brightstar saga continues in installment three of this fast moving Sci Fi adventure series...

The story picks up where A Dark of Endless Days ends with Creena on her way to Mira III, Dirck and the others joining the bnolar to survive Opposition, and their father a political prisoner. Following a harrowing prison break the entire family plunges into a world of intrigue as the Integrator’s hold on the planet tightens. With the caverns located deep within enemy territory the risk of being discovered not only threatens their personal safety but assures Integrator victory if the cristobalite crystals fall into enemy hands.

At long last Creena makes it home only to find her happy reunion deferred with her father now a virtual prisoner in Cira City working covertly to oppose Integration while everyone else remains in the caverns monitoring enemy activity. Squabbling with Dirck escalates to critical levels until they realize working together is the only way they’ll ever get the family together again. Through deception coupled with a series of oversights and distractions their father is ambushed again, this time with little hope of rescue.

New characters in this volume include Delta Regional Governor, Bryl Woeyel, and Formidicae/Ignatius, captain of Creena’s rescue ship who join the Brightstars, Win, Deven, Aggie, and Thyron in yet another suspense-laden episode. Technological challenges, political intrigue and culture clashes all come together in yet another volume of high powered teen/young adult science fiction adventure.

A Psilent Place Below is the sequel to A Dark of Endless Days and will continue and conclude in Refractions of Frozen Time.




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